So many people can benefit from your cause. And no one works harder at providing those benefits than you. But you are understaffed, and funding is difficult, so you continue to pour more of your own time and money into your dream.

Sound familiar? There are so many great ideas that stop short of what they could do because the cash flow never really happens. How can a non-profit require so much money?

The foundation of a non-profit, just as it is with any for-profit business, is the accounting and financing. Once you have a solid platform to stand on, then you can reach for the stars. But no one ever taught you how to do that!

We can help! We begin by analyzing the current financial health of your organization by using our 32 Point Accounting Assessment. Once we have done this, we have an idea of how best to proceed.

We can then begin to work with you using our Rainmaker Process to create that solid financial foundation. Your journey will follow the story of Reno the Squirrel, who starts by organizing his acorns and eventually ends up creating his own acorn empire. This process helps to address common non-profit problems like preparing for and surviving an audit, and finding financing through donations and grants. Common problems that, without solutions, cause the dream to go belly-up.

Call today to prevent that demise and get a free 32 Point Accounting Assessment.

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