Cristina is a devoted wife, mother, sister and friend. She manages to be these things while simultaneously working tirelessly for her clients. This is all to say that Cristina has the unique skill of making herself available as needed. More directly, Cristina always makes time for her clients. Of the members of the TLG Financial Foundation team, Cristina has spent the most time visiting clients; listening to their daily demands and helping to find solutions. Her ability to be available helps to develop trust with her clients that makes them feel more comfortable in their relationship with us.


As a mother of 4, Cristina has the instincts to successfully navigate chaos. When clients experience issues, Cristina is prepared to right the ship. While Kristine and Jeremy pursue the vision of what the company can become, Cristina provides the stability of our foundation; the steady presence that the clients can look to for guidance. There is no better asset to a company than a professional who can keep a level head and get the work done. There is no better asset than Cristina Richmond.


Cristina exhibits the most important trait of a professional in this industry- consistency. When it comes to their money, business owners need people who are accurate, thorough and insightful. Cristina is each of these and more. Learning at the side of our CEO, Kristine Mehler, Cristina has become an extension of the company and serves as an embodiment of what we offer clients- talented, trustworthy and consistent professionals who truly care about the wellbeing and growth of their clients.





Recently graduated with a Bachelors in Finance from the University of Nevada-Reno, Zach brings an eagerness in learning the ins and outs of running a business. From administrative work to bookkeeping to marketing, Zach is developing the skills and knowledge to complete all tasks necessary in maintaining a successful business. A student at heart, his true strength is the desire to learn and apply newfound knowledge into a growing skillset. To this point, Zachary has applied these abilities to do his part in building the roots for TLG Financial Foundations, working behind the scenes on many of our clients to help our more experienced employees focus on the big picture. It is his goal to extend his skills to work directly with our clients.


A combination of youth and wit, Zach brings humor and optimism to the workplace in a way that cannot be measured. He displays an openness In life that translates into business relationships as well, bringing levity and exuberance in all interactions. We know that business owners live stressed lives;  things like optimism, humor and enthusiasm don’t always have a place in this line of work. However, Zachary helps to provide a balance between these qualities and professionalism that creates a healthy and harmonious working environment that brightens your daily experience even if only a small amount


Zach is an exuberant student and a positive person, thus, it is no surprise that he has the ability to work well with others. Zachary is social by nature; when he is not working he is spending his time with large groups of friends. His ability to navigate his individual relationships within a group setting is indicative of how he operates in the workplace as well. Utilizing his bright nature and growing skill set he makes you feel heard and will work with both individuals and groups to produce solutions.




Working in a public accounting firm and preparing taxes was not for Kristine. Her experience there was more like working in a chaotic factory than helping people out, which is her passion. She branched out on her own because she is a dreamer and she wants to help others to build their businesses to be vehicles that will take them to their dreams. Kristine is a dream builder and accounting is only a tool she uses to help business owners reach for the stars.


As a builder of dreams, Kristine emphasizes understanding the path that will lead to the goal. Having that knowledge is key to connecting to the business and knowing when you are straying from the path to your goals. Kristine has put in countless hours building her knowledge of QuickBooks, accounting, and processes for success. She has been recognized by Profit First as an expert on helping owners to achieve their goals. Also, she has a very deep knowledge of QuickBooks as a QBO Advanced certified ProAdvisor and was even selected by Intuit to create the curriculum for QuickBooks, to be rolled out to the universities across the country. Who better to build up your knowledge and understanding of your business and help you to stay on that path to your goals?


Since reaching your dreams and goals is Kristine's focus, she never wants to be considered another cost to the company. Her whole focus is on creating value that far exceeds the cost. When first meeting with a potential client, the whole focus is on determining the value that she can create with her tools. Her focus is on reducing expenses, increasing revenue and maximizing profit in order to create value in the form of more money in the owner's pocket. There are many other intangible values that accompany the monetary value, like peace of mind. Kristine creates value, and as a result is not just another cost, but instead is part of the business family.





 You know how around March or so, one of your most trusted financial advisors, your accountant, collects your shoebox full of receipts, creates financial statements, files your taxes, and then asks for your money with a “thank you, come again next year?” Yeah, me too. I understand the frustration of an advisor that won’t advise. 

Stress Relief

I understand because I owned a landscape design company for 15 years. I went through that process with my accountant every year until I went bankrupt. I went in to file with my accountant and his response was that he had seen that coming for years! So much for trusted advisor! Why didn’t he say something! 

I decided that was never going to happen to me again. I studied bookkeeping, QuickBooks, upper level accounting classes in college, and then finished an MBA program. Everything I learned, I learned from the perspective of a contractor that was sick of not understanding things and a desire to become an advisor on the business side of a construction company and relieve stress, not just be a recordkeeper. 


The stress is real and if you are like most of the contractors I know and work with, you didn’t go into business for all the stress of owning a business. You probably thought you could do a better-quality job swinging the hammer and that you could make better money at it than you could working for someone else.  

Years later, you do quality work, if you can babysit employees. Furthermore, everyone in your company is getting paid but you, and you are left with insomnia, wondering how you are going to juggle money to make payroll. You need solutions that provide freedom for you to run your company and not be run by your company. 

The solutions really are quite simple. So, you can go back to school and learn the business side of your company, or you can take the more direct path to freedom through me and the expertise I have gained. 

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